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The Transformational Client Story Exercise

Learn How to Use and Uncover Your Personal and Business Transformational Stories To Help You Easily Sell & Share Your Biggest Benefits!

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With over 12 years of business experience, Lars has helped countless businesses get more leads and sales online, he coached over 120 founders, CEOs, and business owners from over 40 niche industries, to stay on top of their marketing game, delete the guesswork and wasted time, and focus solely on consistency and effectiveness!

Business owners waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars with the wrong marketing approach. Stories have always inspired people and motivated them to take action.

By doing this exercise you will learn how to easily uncover the transformations you have created for your clientele and how you can utilize these into your marketing texts, salespages, emails and 1-on-1 conversations. Making it easier to sell and share your biggest benefits towards your potential clients.