Learn what is that one decision that separates the wealthy from the non-wealthy.

The quickest way to make success in your life inevitable is to do only work that is incentive-based. Do only that for which you will be rewarded and punished for the quality of your work. Everything you do must be of significance to the results, consequences and outcomes you achieve in life.

What, then, is the decision?

The decision is to take control of every decision in your life. And you do that by only doing things for which you are rewarded based on performance.

That goes completely against the norms of society. It goes against the public education system, which discourages people from advancing at their own pace. It goes against most work structures where a person is paid by the hour or salary.

If you want to make dramatic progress, you must only work in environments where the consequences of your actions are immediate and REAL. You must be challenged by the situation to get results. It's a world where you will only eat what you kill..

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